How to Make Really Good (Superstar-Level) Business Moves (And Stop Making the Wrong Ones)


Hey Superstar,


If you struggle with making decisions, large or small, whether it’s what to eat for dinner or which new car to buy, or is it time to change jobs, you are not alone. Decision-making can be tough. And guess what? It’s even tougher when it comes to business.


Take me, for example. As a people pleaser, I have made decisions in my own business based on how to avoid making people upset.


This was a terrible strategy and did NOT get me the life of my dreams.


So, now I know better, and I do better. Here are 3 tips to get you to start to check yourself and see what you can do to tighten that resolve:


1. Indecision is a decision: If you are one of those “I will decide tomorrow” type of people, then it’s crucial to get honest with yourself and acknowledge that your decision-making process is not to decide. If choosing not to decide has landed you the perfect guy, the perfect job, and the perfect confidence, then keep choosing indecision. If indecision has not gotten you the life you want, then the obvious solution is to try something else.


2. No teacher, no next level: Yes, superstar, you DO need a sherpa – no matter where you are in business and life. Think about this in the most basic way: if I want to play cello, then my first step MAY be to try to learn the cello on my own through watching YouTube videos, but after a few, it will only be logical to hire a teacher. If we could figure things out on our own, we already would have so if you are still stuck in purgatory in any area of your life, it’s time to try something else. I would personally try COACHING, and THAT is a decision I would make that would enable plenty of others that will change your life.


3. Become a process superstar: Many people have a process for packing or paying bills. Few have one for making decisions. If you don’t have a process for making decisions, then you are going to be stuck in overthinking. Thinking and talking about your problems is not the same as solving your problems. Moving isn’t the same as moving forward. Successful people think about how they make decisions and ensure they are not doing the same things over and over again while expecting to get different results!


Bottom line:

Make a great decision. THAT is how you lead. That is how you grow.


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Wishing you the success and ease you deserve,

Coach Keren

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