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    Keren Eldad on TEDx Talk

    For too long, people have believed in and relied on what they “know,” – what they’ve learned in their narrow life and professional experience.

    Having the Difficult Conversations

    The fourth hour is joined by Jon Gordon, best-selling author of “The Power of a Positive Team,” motivational speaker and life coach Keren Eldad and licensed family therapist George James Jr., who is a program director at Thomas Jefferson University. The experts share the secrets to strong relationships, including having difficult conversations and taking time to be aware of your mindset.

    All Time Favorite Podcast Interviews

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    Correct the 5 Things Overachievers Do Wrong

    They say that it is not just the fear of failure but the fear of achieving success that can cause us to self-sabotage. While over achievement has its great rewards, there is a dark side. Are you an over achiever? Certified Personal Coach (CPC) and Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Keren Eldadwill help us recognize and overcome “Success Guilt” and teach us how to find our net worth through our self-worth.

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