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Is It My Marriage, My Dreams, or a Midlife Crisis? With Jade Sheppard


Are you feeling un-empowered because the dreams of your younger self have not been achieved?

It’s not too late – YOU get to choose how you live the second half of your life. The world is still your oyster but this time around you have the wisdom that comes with age. When you pair your wisdom with your dreams – you will be unstoppable!

In the eighth episode of the Coached Podcast’s new season, Coach Keren is joined by the impressive Jade Sheppard to answer YOUR questions on the midlife shift. Jade is the President, Owner of Gideon USA, Malibu Popoyo, Scarlet Society, and Fermenteria. Not only is she a serial entrepreneur, but Jade is also the mother of three and a bona-fide adrenaline junkie.

Together, Keren and Jade dive into what a midlife shift means and looks like through the lens of awakening, excitement and eagerness for more – as they answer caller’s questions. You will not want to miss this one.

– Coach Keren


  • [02:32] Keren defines the midlife crisis as the loss of our identity, revealed often through a change in physical circumstances, and notes that at this halfway point in life, people tend to re-evaluate their lives.
  • [05:25] Keren introduces a book by author James Hollis – The Midlife Passage from Misery to Meaning in Midlife. She quotes a powerful passage from the book: “if we realize that the assumptions by which the person has lived his or her life are collapsing, that the assembled strategies of the provisional personality are decompensating, that a worldview is falling apart, then the thrashing about is understandable.
  • [07:08] Keren introduces Jade Sheppard, who talks about her new business Scarlet Society, and their goal: to normalize women’s sexual health and wellness after 40. Jade created this company following her divorce when she felt unsupported and uninspired by what was out there in the market for women’s sexuality in the second half of their lives
  • [14:46] Jade discusses how she found her midlife crisis to be an awakening – more of a blessing than something negative, setting the tone for the discussion with callers.
  • [16:53] We hear from the first caller, Cindy, who feels sad because none of her dreams have been fulfilled.
  • [22:10] Keren and Jade answer Cindy’s question, and encourage Cindy to live her life for HER, giving suggestions on how to take one step at a time towards her goals which will yet be fulfilled.
  • [25:43] Our second caller, Lila, explains that she has gone back to work and now that she is earning an income she has had a shift in her marriage dynamic. Her husband is not being supportive and has been treating her poorly, making her unhappy. She is wondering if this is a midlife shift.
  • [28:58]Jade encourages Lila to take a deeper look, to dive deeper and see if the belittling and berating have been going on for longer than she has noticed. She asks Lila a powerful question – “if this was your child going through this situation, what would YOU tell her to do”
  • [29:27] Keren asks Lila another powerful, thought-provoking question, “What would you do if you were not afraid?”. She explains that there is a certain level of fear that will keep us entrapped in a situation that may not be serving us, and that heeding that question may clarify for Lila what needs to be done.


  • It is common for people to re-evaluate their lives at midlife, and this reckoning may give way to make dramatic changes if one ends up placing the blame on their career or spouse, etc instead of going inward.
  • The reckoning may shift your relationship with yourself for the better, but otherwise, your age doesn’t define your life. As long as you are alive and healthy, there is still time to accomplish your goals and life aspirations.
  • If you are feeling stuck or unhappy in a situation, but are afraid of change, it is essential to ask yourself “where is the fear coming from?” Once you identify it, ask yourself, “what would I do if fear wasn’t a factor?” That is the power of seeking clarity internally first.



Jade Sheppard is a serial entrepreneur, a mom of 3 incredible kids, and an adrenaline junkie. At the age of 26, she started Gideon USA, a construction company. Gideon does logistically complicated projects for the military including repairing fuel tanks on the Turkey/Syria border. In addition to Gideon USA, Jade also owns a luxury boutique surf resort in Nicaragua, Malibu Popoyo (www.malibupopoyo.com), and is in permit to build a second resort in Nosara, Costa Rica. Most recently, she started a new business called Scarlet Society (www.scarletsociety.com), which is comprised of editorial content and products focused on sexual health and wellness for women over 40.

When she isn’t dreaming up new ideas or spending time with her children, Jade’s life revolves around surfing and being at the beach. Jade travels the world to surf and also loves to dirt bike. In addition to Los Angeles, Denver, Oahu, and Nicaragua are also places she calls home.


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