Mid-Career Crisis (1)

Are you having a Mid-Career Crisis?

Ten years ago, I found myself living a cliché. With degrees from respected university, and a solid career in C suite positions under my belt, I felt in many ways that I had achieved my dream career. Before that, I had navigated graduate school, the relentless cycle securing promotions, and even the stress of a divorce. Yet despite all this, or maybe bevause of all this, by the time I was 36– the idea of continuing this routine indefinitely started to feel not just suffocating, but life-defeating.


That cliché was one I later gave a TEDx talk about: I was experiencing a midlife crisis.


I soon discovered I wasn’t alone. Sharing my feelings with friends revealed similar stories of burnout, stagnation, and regret, despite outward success.


You might have heard similar sentiments from your mentors or peers, or you may be experiencing them yourself. Carl Jung talked about this involuntary life stage almost 100 years ago (quite literally). Recent research confirms that middle age is, on average, the most challenging period of life. In 2008, economists David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald found that life satisfaction follows a U-shaped curve, starting high in youth, dipping in our mid-40s, and then rising again as we age. This pattern holds true globally, affecting both men and women, and remains consistent even when accounting for factors like parenthood. And this is usually when we start to act out. Elliot Jaques, who coined the term “midlife crisis” in 1965, observed not only extramarital affairs but also dramatic shifts in the creative lives of artists like Michelangelo and Gauguin, who felt unfulfilled by their previous work. Which made them want to PIVOT, or QUIT.


I have learned that pivot is the better way, and that the way to make it to a successful pivot that ends with your fulfillment is to do the inner work to uncover your purpose.


As life progresses, we can start to feel that possibilities diminish, and get tired even thinking about “reinventing” our careers… but you should, anyway. Especially because you are very likely to live at least 30-40 more years.


Personally, that’s what I decided to do. Back then, I figured – since I intend to outlive Styrofoam, that I have at least 40 good years left. And I was not about to burn them in a dead end tunnel, doing something I did not enjoy.


THANK GOODNESS I DID. Look what I have created! Look at this business! This work is my life’s vocation. I love each and every moment, and I would never have arrived here without that malaise.


Which brings me to YOU.


If any of the above has started to resonate with you a bit, do me a favor and go through my basic “are you having a midlife / mid career crisis” survey.


Answer to yourself the following—have you been experiencing any of the below? Y/N:


You know what? I hope that’s – above anything else – what I brought the superstars in France. Transcendence through connection. That’s what this is about.

– Stagnation/overwhelm

– The kids are grown up and you feel aimless or concerned about what’s next

– You are experiencing distressing physical changes

– You are experiencing regret about the time that has gone by

– You feel dissatisfaction about where you are in relation to your dreams of youth 

– You have been feeling purposelessness / aimlessness/ boredom

– You are feeling, even now that you are at “the top” or objectively successful, like: ”Is this really it??” 

– You want to do something new, but have a fear of starting over

– You feel burnt out

– You are steeped in overcompensation- and are starting to date much younger people, have affairs and basically making things weird… (see pic)


Midlife Cliche.


Now, tally it up. How many yes-es? More than one?


If so – great. It is likely you are experiencing a Midlife shift and could benefit from guidance along this transition. If this resonates with you, I invite you to book a consult today!


And I want you to hear the message: that Midlife isn’t too late for vitalizing change. In fact, if you watch my TED talk, you’ll see I think it is EXACTLY the right time.


Coach Keren


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