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Meet Keren Eldad, often referred to as “Coach Keren,” a distinguished executive coach, speaker and educator who specializes in guiding the top 1% of media personalities, entrepreneurs, teams, and executives from renowned global organizations such as Estée Lauder, J.P. Morgan, and Nike. Her unwavering mission is to empower exceptionally accomplished individuals to break free from the relentless pursuit of power, status, and the illusion of perfection. Instead, she champions the cultivation of personal agency, fostering a positive self-image, and nurturing a profound sense of purpose to enable thriving both individually and within teams.

Recognized as one of the Top Ten Executive Coaches worldwide and acclaimed as the highest-rated executive coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Keren Eldad has garnered accolades for her firm’s excellence from leading media platforms including Real Leaders Magazine and Goop. Her groundbreaking results, research and insights have been featured in esteemed publications such as The Harvard Business Review, CNBC, and The Today Show, amplifying her influence across diverse audiences. With over 300,000 views on her TEDx talks, and speaking engagements all over the world, Keren’s impactful message resonates globally.

A former executive herself, Keren holds gold-standard International Coaching Federation credentials (PCC) alongside advanced academic degrees from The London School of Economics and the University of Jerusalem, underpinning her expertise with a robust foundation of knowledge and experience.

Residing in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Ryan, and their four beloved pets, Keren is currently dedicated to promoting her inaugural book, “Gilded: How the Pursuit of Perfection Leaves You Thinly Coated… and what you can do about it,” a transformative exploration into the pitfalls of perfectionism and the path to authentic fulfillment.

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