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    Keren Eldad

    We’re going to talk about a topic that I take very seriously, and that’s how to stop working all the time. I know that this is truly going to serve many of you out there. A massive mindset shift needs to happen in order to stop the glorification of busy. We need to go from “I have to do this” to “I get to do this.” Once we create that transformation in our mindset, we can finally reply to our inner calling. I answer questions about manageable methods to become more efficient and productive. Lastly, I reveal how you can finally find your true purpose and tap into your deepest passions. 

    In This Episode:

    • [02:30] How to create an outstanding quality of work.
    • [04:15] Question: I wanted to know what tools you would recommend in becoming more efficient? 
    • [08:40] Question: How can I continue to get work done and feel productive easily rather than pushing so hard?
    • [15:15] The word purpose sounds like a big deal, but it’s not. I reveal how you can find your purpose. 

    Key Takeaways:

    • The solution to untangling from overwhelmed to moving into better time management is understanding the difference between motivation and inspiration. 
    • To feel less overwhelmed, you need to get clear on your priorities.
    • People who work two jobs do not make enough money to thrive in our country. Working harder doesn’t make you more successful – remember that. 
    • It is time to tap into a passion rather than grit or perseverance. Then, tap into the greatness of what you are becoming rather than to the object of your pursuit.

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