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    When Success Comes At Last But Doesn’t Make Us Happy with Christopher Chandler


    What if you finally reach your biggest career or life goal, but don’t feel as excited as you thought you would?

    It’s fairly common, actually – and a phenomenon researched Tal Ben Shahar has dubbed the “Arrival Fallacy.” But it can also signal a pivot point – one through which change can occur, and one which can harken TRUE happiness.

    On the fourth episode of the Coached Podcast’s new season, I am joined by guest host Christopher Chandler to discuss this phenomenon and answer caller’s questions on the experiences surrounding moments of reckoning such as what I have described. Chris Chandler is the best guest host to ponder with, as he is not only an integrative nutrition health and wellness coach and instructor, but a human who learned what is truly valuable, and how to live in his truth, after he lost his father.

    If you have experienced some internal questions surrounding lackluster feelings after reaching monumental life goals, and  want a clear path to honoring a desire to change your life even when from the outside, it looks pretty great – this is the episode for you. Happy listening.

    – Coach Keren


    • [04:46] Chris shares the grief experience that shifted the trajectory of his life’s path.
    • [07:41] Keren introduces the first question from Dev, an author who just published her book.  Dev’s question is: why doesn’t she feel happy and satisfied now that she has reached an awesome goal?
    • [08:46] Christopher defines trauma regarding life experiences: “trauma is simply an experience you had where you didn’t have the coping skills to truly express how you’re feeling”
    • [17:03] Keren welcomes the second question from Kara who has called in asking for advice on how to make a big life change though it may come with the cost of upending her existing circumstances.


    • Trauma doesn’t necessarily happen surrounding grief, it can be caused by everyday experiences if you don’t have the tools to cope with the situation.
    • You have everything you need, and life is urgent. Don’t wait until tomorrow to live the life you want.
    • Comfort zones are meant to be blown up, don’t stay within the comfort zone if it is not serving you.


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    Chris Chandler is a husband, friend, brother, uncle, nutrition and joy coach, Master SoulCycle instructor, and a Regional Vice President with Arbonne International.  Chris is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He offers 1:1 coaching where he helps clients feel nourished in all aspects of their life. He also does motivational and educational speeches at conferences and seminars.


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