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    Keren Eldad

    Are you scared of things never being back to normal after covid? Are you one of the people saying that this, or what comes next – is a “new reality,” or a “new normal?” Well: NO. Get familiar with this concept: HEDONIC ADAPTATION. If you are a therapist and uttering such nonsense, you should especially listen up:
    So what is Hedonic Adaptation.
    I’ll give you a quick definition of this.
    This is this process of becoming accustomed to both positive stuff and negative stuff,
    such that the effects you get from that emotionally don’t work as well over time. Research has shown conclusively that we humans adjust very quickly to anything – both upturn and downturn. It’s like when you are in the dark after a while and your eyes adjust and start to just see in the dark – like a cat.
    I invite you  – if you’ve been afraid of a new order that we will never be OK with nor thrive again from as we once did – to receive this, and question anyone bestowing upon you their doom and gloom in an attempt to unify you around “grief,” or “common malaise.” I believe they are just pandering to a lowest common denominator especially if they are accredited therapists familiar with this concept.
    No matter what, the point is this: Dark or light –

    YOU WILL COME TO SEE, exactly as you once did. We humans rock.

    (see especially – Daniel Gilbert/ Stumbling into Happiness, and his Ted talk).