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    Keren Eldad

    Is anyone else tired of talking with dealing with this crisis as it looks NOW, and is ready to think and plan ahead?

    As an executive coach, I have noticed that a lot of content right now is dedicated to helping people survive what we are in. Frankly, it seems to be making people more anxious. If you are ready to move past this, make a plan and move forward: this newsletter if for you.

    It’s easy to be like many who envision a doomsday scenario about the displacement of workers and losses for companies in the face of this rapid advance of a virus. But does this have to be the case for you?

    I believe it will not — not if we plan ahead. Clarity ahead must be forged for optimal outcomes. The truth is, there are more opportunities than unknowns for entrepreneurs and business leaders in the period ahead. Rather than hang our companies’ futures on the accordion-like movement of re-openings, re-closings, and possible new lockdown measures, we can take proactive steps to help ourselves, businesses and teams thrive as we transition from Now to Next. Here are my top 3 tips for YOU to get it together and begin the rise:


    I have created a new webinar called: What Do We Do NEXT? Planning the Post Coronavirus Era for Your Companies and Teams. In it, you will learn the following:

    • How To Re-Hire.
    • How To Re-Train.
    • How to Re-Gain (ground).
    • How to Inspire.

    If I were you, I would schedule a consult with me to bring this to your team.


    The trend toward gig economy / solopreneurship was already massive BEFORE the pandemic. In the United States, it is estimated that somewhere between 35 and 40% of the workforce was independent. With the millions of lay-offs that have occurred, bringing unemployment to levels not seen since the Great Depression, it is possible that 50% of the working population, or more, may never return to traditional jobs.

    What this means is YOU are likely thinking about going solo, too.

    Well, welcome to the club. As a super successful solopreneur since 2013, I know what it takes. And I can teach you. I believe every single solopreneur needs ONE THING – and it is not a business plan: it is the right mindset. If this is you, save yourself years and years of strife and talk to me about coaching today.


    One of my favorite mentors, Tony Robbins, often talks about the importance of acknowledging the facts and circumstances and then thinking about what you can do WITHIN that framework. This is the basic premise of the “Yes, and…” “Yes, and…” concept from the world of improvisational comedy.
    You can use this, too. When you are faced with the unpredictable, “Yes, and…” can help you quickly move focus away from current feelings of helplessness and onto what you can do. ‘Yes’ doesn’t mean you like what’s happening. It means you acknowledge what is. ‘And’ moves you into a more compelling future.

    I’ll give you a great example: my fiancé, Ryan, lost his job at the beginning of Covid. Since then, he has started his own LLC, racked up freelance projects, picked up more fishing dates (his great passion in life is not me, it’s fishing), signed up to volunteer with City Harvest AND is finally, after months of my coaxing him, beginning to think of running for public office. Ryan is realizing what I want you all to realize: THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY.

    I hope these tips have helped and inspired you.

    For more, let me help you through a better way to think and feel through to the other side of this crisis. The next scheduled “Detox Your Mindset: How to Thrive Past Negativity” conversation will be hosted by The Allbright Collective on June 1, 2020. Click here to join.