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    Building a big business is not easy. It’s also not as hard as you have been making it.

    The very first product I ever sold was a $3,000 private coaching package.

    I was pretty nervous to send out that first email, to tell people I have a few spots available and about what the program included. I thought – what if no one buys it? OR worse: what if my old colleagues and friends see this and make fun of me?

    Good news: they DID buy, and since I SOLD OUT every available spot with that first email, the mockery which DID come my way was very easy for me to dismiss.

    Plus, I felt such relief around my email. I remember thinking: Oh my god, someone’s actually reading this!

    The profit itself didn’t matter to me from the onset, and does not to this day.

    What mattered was somebody pulled out their credit card and paid over the internet for something I had written, created and offered them.

    A couple of months later, those first clients were happy PAST clients, and that is when referral sales were starting to come in, as well as bigger corporate clients (my first corporate contract was signed just four months into the business).

    All of a sudden, I started to understand how big this could be.

    Fast-forward to my business now. For my 45th birthday, I checked out for a long break in the Hamptons with Ryan and with friends. For a whole week in SEPTEMBER (that’s high season!) I unplugged and had an amazing time. But my business kept running. Pretty neat, for a former workaholic.

    I can do this for long stretches now, thanks to an epic team and automatic systems.

    My Executive Coaching programs and extensions cover all the above for you – from the inner fortitude to become as great as you KNOW you can be, to the business building blocks you NEED to know.


    The road to a 7/ 8 figure business

    Here is what you need to know:
    It’s not easy, but also – not as hard as you think.


    One of the key lessons I’ve learned in starting and growing With Enthusiasm is that business isn’t magic. It’s just basic math.


    Here’s what it took me to generate a million dollars/ annual in year 5.


    I had two “products,” each at an average of $15,000 **(that was then. Again, sorry).

    • Forget about what the actual products are. It doesn’t matter for this thought experiment. Let’s just focus on the numbers. $15k is an easy number to work with.

    $15,0000 product x 6.5 sales (that’s, for example just 4 coaching clients and one coaching seminar or workshop)/month x 12 months= $1,000,000

    The only thing that changed year over year between years 4 and 5 was VOLUME, and then in the last 6 months, we changed pricing, making it now an even shorter distance to $1MM. Of course, with the higher price we MAY sell fewer units. But we can still see more revenue.

    This is how 6-figure and 7-figure and 8-figure businesses are built. That’s it.

    You start with one product. You learn a lot and dial in on what the market likes and wants.

    Then (AND ONLY THEN) you build another product.

    The question isn’t IF you can do it, too. You can. It’s just math. We all make these things WAY harder – feeling than they should be, when if you thought about them in increments and followed through systemically, without skipping steps – you’d stretch into this even faster than we did at With Enthusiasm.

    The question is WILL you do it? Will you take the time to get your mindset and emotional resilience to the right place, and your knowledge to the right place to GET THERE?

    And if after that, or even ALREADY, your answer is I WILL, then here is the link to sign up for a private executive coaching consultation and let’s see if you are a fit for my accelerated, white glove business and executive coaching tracks.

    Don’t sit on this another second. Book it now.

    To your success,


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