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How I keep my prospects pipeline full and never worry about where the next client will come from, ever

Anyone out there running their own business, or in a top leadership position that requires Sales (also known as “biz dev”)?

Great, then you will LOVE this blog.

Last week, I was speaking to a fellow entrepreneur friend who has been in a bit of a lull. This happens. Let me repeat: if you are in the business of running ANY business, there will be ups, and there will be downs in sales. This is part of the game.

But there are still a few sure fire ways to get that sales engine revved up again, and that pipeline filled with prospects. Since my friend found these so invaluable (and has already perked up her consultations!) – I thought I would share these tactice – my very favorite advanced business strategies for getting new clients – with YOU.

Pretty neat, right? Well, you are welcome. Here goes:

  1. First, calm down. No, seriously. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, get some fro-yo. You absolutely may NOT tackle sales with the air of desperation or need. The aim of the walk/ airing out is to remember, even just a tiny bit – that this is a moment in time, and not that serious. Once you achieve this realization, get right back to it.
  2. FORGET prospecting. In a lull moment, searching online, through networking, through cold emailing, etc – will likely be efficent BUT take time, so that’s not exactly what we want here. Also, you should know that cold emails become ineffective the higher up-market you go, and since my coaching programs are high-ticket, white glove – that’s not our jam here at With Enthusiasm. We go warm only. So here is what I/ we do instead: CONVERSION CONTENT EVENTS. What’s that? It’s an event, delivering super high value content, that converts, that’s what. It delivers SO much up front value, in fact, that we have had to hire the fabulous Gabi, our new Sales Assistant (hi Gabi!) to help us with consultations and onboarding! I want this for you, too. So here are your options: go back and look at your business, and either find a case study you can share, or a lesson you can share, or BOTH. in a Live Webinar / seeded (seeded means “not paid”) talk or on a podcast. Don’t have these in mind? Look to your own results first. For example, when I created GROW UP – the webinar that helped MY business leap past high 6 figs into 7 fig terrain, I used our business as the case study. Also, ASK YOUR CLIENTS. For example, the last time a client emailed me that their business grew 36% after working with me, I FLAGGED THAT EMAIL (while my heart sang!) and then, emailed: “Hey, I just helped you grow your sales by 36 percent. Can I do a quick case study?” (Hint: If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire someone to come in and do it for you). Then – share. You pick the vehicle. You can set up a first webinar on ZOOM and invite everyone in your mailing or Linkedin list and social following. You can pitch 10 favorite podcasts, or friend’s podcasts. You can publish it as a MEDIUM article, as a blog post or a Linkedin post. JUST PUT IT OUT THERE. Content = adding value up front and that is both GREAT for everyone out there following you and for your business.

AND one extra tip – know this: share content that adds value to THEM. Epic conversion content is about what your clients want, otherwise – no conversion. Think hard – “what is the message I could really use that others may love?” and share that. That’s how I came up with this email, btw. That’s how I come up with all my emails (and based on the open rate, they ARE serving you. Yay).


3.THE UPSELL rocks above them all. Here’s what people looking for new prospects often forget – a client who has bought from you before is 9 times more likely to buy from you again (nine times!!). Let me show you how simple it is to do it yourself. 2 steps:

– Look back at your client list and identify the best of the best – the ones you know would rock the house in another round of whatever. You’re not reaching out to everyone. Just the best.

– Prepare an offer for them. When I LOVE clients, I will reach out to them first with an incredible offer like if I have a new VIP day date available, or a new program, or if I happen to be offering an extension pack *(I only do this twice a year). And it works. So…have you tried THAT? Because you should. The case for staying in touch with clients is above all customer service and love, but upsells are awesome, too.

How does this work?

So let’s say you employ ALL the above and “only get two leads.” Well guess what? That is two more than before. And of those two per month, IF you decide to activate this every month (and I do), convert just 25% and we are talking 24 new clients here. I donnow about you, but that’s a pretty solid pipeline for us.

Are you inspired? I hope so. Go for it. TRY THESE TIPS THIS WEEK, and let me know how it goes. And at the end of the week, I am going to share a very special 1 hour training with you to take your business to the next level.

Want MORE? If you are truly ready to GO DEEP on the emotional obstacles that are keeping you from attracting clients, making moves and scaling your business- watch my new webinar, GROW UP: overcoming the 5 obstacles to scaling your business past 7 figures – RIGHT NOW. 

And then, here is the consultation link to talk to me about getting into my business/ executive coaching program. Trust me, you’re gonna want to book it immediately. It’s kinda like what Billy Crystal says at the end of “When Harry Met Sally,” when you realize something is “the ONE for the rest of your life,” you want the rest of your life start right now.

Here for YOUR RISE,

​Coach Keren


P.S. If you’re ready for even more advanced material, you’re going to love next week’s webinar. I’ll be sharing how I grew my business 1.5x, and how I am about to go 2x with this in 2023.
NOTE: This is NOT beginner material (I usually only show it to advanced students). So… know that in advance. If your business or income are already over $250k – you will benefit from this the most. To your success.

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