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21 Days to Financial Abundance

This is not regular e-book. It's a challenge: a 21 day challenge to make daily choices that will enhance your abundance, not only financially, but also your wealth in health and in love.

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    "Abundance isn't something you acquire. It's something you tune into."

    Wayne Dwyer

    Internationally renowned author and speaker

    In this e-book, you will learn:

    • How to reach a state of abundance NOW
    • How to have greater faith in yourself and your ability to attract and create great wealth with actionable, easy, proven tactics.
    • How to ASK for more. And get it.
    • How to raise your frequency around money and why this is so crucial.
    • Why rest is so crucial in the increase of abundance, and how to stop working hard as your only means to getting more prosperous.
    • How to develop the mindset, resilience and passion for long term prosperity that lasts through your lifetime and through the next generations.

    What is it all about?

    I want you, the reader, to accept this challenge. If you follow it, you will experience the feelings you are after that are related to money, which will lead to greater prosperity.

    These feelings are the feelings of freedom and ease. To this end, here is an exciting series of messages and exercises for you.

    Each reading and exercise will take a few minutes. Take the time to connect here to the energy of infinite abundance and money.

    Start your next 21 days with these messages and exercises. Taking this time will pay with dividends.