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Your New Life Is Going to Cost You Your Old One

This is the final episode of this series on the Midlife Awakening, recapping the lessons and the many principles we covered in the series. It’s titled: “Your New Life Is Going to Cost You Your Old One” – which should already give you a glimpse of what to expect. You will see that though your reckoning with this life stage will (100%) involve real grief, that it will also be well worth it.

I hope that this series will help you to navigate your mid-life shift or any other challenges you might be facing. Let our team know how you loved the series by leaving us a 5 star review, subscribing, or commenting/ emailing us back.

This season was truly a labor of love, inspired by my new TEDx Talk: Pray for a Midlife Awakening, and my way of sharing with you the joy and wonder I have found in this phase.

Above all, thank you for listening. Happy New Year. ​

​-Coach Keren​ & the Coached podcast team
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