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    Keren Eldad

    What’s the most impactful kind of coaching? The genre that creates positive change not only for the client, but for everybody in their life as well? As well as society as a whole? RELATIONSHIP Coaching.

    I know, I get WAYYYY more attention for the executive coaching – and if that’s your category, I am glad, and happy to help. But if you want to really change your life – go for relationship coaching. Seriously. I’m often stunned by the power of relationship coaching. It may be the most powerful form of coaching there is.

    The many happy couple photos on my weddings wall are proof, as are the awesome new baby announcements that keep flying into my mailbox. You see, relationship coaching doesn’t just help one client. It transforms generations.

    When people get quality relationship coaching…

    -> Couples align and improve (and save) their relationships.

    -> Children live with happier parents, which impacts their entire lives.

    -> Whole families discover a way to get along in peace, enabling each member to be stronger and more successful than ever.

    -> And individuals get to free themselves from negative relationship histories – and finally be the kind of spouse, partner and parent they always wanted to be.

    After all, our whole society is based on this building block: people becoming couples and raising families.

    When you enable positive change in even one member of a couple, the whole family transforms.

    This affects all of society.

    I believe in this so much, that I just wrote a new track (series) called PARENTING with enthusiasm – to tackle that other important relationship in your life. At the end of the day, Superstars – love is all there is, and relationships are the vessels through which we learn this. I hope you will approach me to talk about YOUR relationships soon. Until then – get back out there and live with enthusiasm.