Coach Keren's How to Have a Midlife Awakening:

Finding your Purpose and Manifesting Your Dreams after 40

Saturday, January 28th, at 1pm CST

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the “Midlife Crisis” - or any big pivot/era of transformation in your business life - is and why it’s happening.
  • Tips and tools for managing the symptoms of a midlife crisis including stagnation, questioning, and regret-- and ultimately turning this into the biggest springboard you’ve had yet.
  • How to make the most of your AWAKENING by:
    ➡ Cultivating master manifesting powers.
    ➡ Accessing your sense of purpose and strengths.
    ➡ Becoming a light that elevates your community, and the world around you.


Saturday, January 28th


Only Limited Slots Are Available


Your Coach

Keren Eldad

Simply stated, I am the coach of choice for overachievers who are ready to scale their greatest heights yet – whether that’s taking their solo business to 7 and 8 figures, selling their company or rocking the C-Suite position of their dreams.

Moving into a true leadership role and into leading your own life requires quite the mindset shift – getting OUT of “control mode,” relaxing into a much greater vision, and overcoming some serious blindspots to which we are all susceptible. It is so challenging to work through this on your own, especially when it comes to being effective without facing burnout or dissatisfaction. This requires deep self-awareness and hands-on know-how and support. Alas, both are SORELY lacking for superstars.

Clients hire me to help them gain that support – a sherpa to your Everest-level climb, to expand their self-awareness, understand themselves truly, uncover their blindspots, get past them, and cultivate in their stead the leadership strengths they can depend on for more energy and motivation — all factors that contribute to building big companies, inspire and influence higher engagement in their teams and making (much) more money.

This work can be stuffy and heavy. It’s my job to make it fun and enjoyable, with a multi-disciplinary, thorough method that is second to none and a network as prestigious and as exclusive as your YPO group. So…

Are you ready to move forward within a high-touch, high-end program that will change your thinking, change your game, boost your confidence, awareness and empathy, and change your life?


Joseph Heller

Ypo Member, CEO & Founder of The/Studio

"We all know business is extremely hard, but... If you can align your business and career around your goals (and your purpose), it's a game changer."

Natasha Gurevich

CPO, Nike

"Coach Keren is the coach from above! The team continues raving about you and the spirit of positivity, energy and humor you brought into the discussion... It was amazing to see how people began adapting the verbiage that they have been resisting for a year… Thank you for contributing so greatly to improving our team’s dynamic."

Aditya Sethia

Global Financial Services Business Manager | Fintech Enthusiast | Revenue Growth & Innovation

"Coach Keren has been nothing short of a life changer for me. before I met her, I was drifting through life in a state of perpetual self-doubt. Life was something that other people lived, while it was something that just happened to me and I was a passenger in my own journey.

Over my 10 weeks with her, I was able to achieve multiple breakthroughs, removing a lot of my mental blocks and reclaiming control of my story. Gradually my outlook on life did a complete 180 - I saw my relationships improve, my confidence tick up to new levels and my belief in my own sense of self-worth reached amazing highs. I was where I needed to be mentally to live life on my own terms, and life did indeed catch up with me on multiple fronts !! I am so grateful for all that has happened and I am so so thankful to Keren for setting me on the path to an amazing future.

One of the best compliments I got which touched me at a really deep level was from my wife - all she said was “ Keren has finally given my husband back to me”

Zach Wechsler

Operations Leader in Tech

Strategic Advisor, Altura

"Having just left my job, I was very nervous about spending money on coaching, but one week in I had already recouped my entire investment. Keren helped me remove blockages that were preventing me from living my best life. Not only was I free, I was happy, happier than I'd ever been. It was a pivotal moment in my life, and my partner now refers to me as "enlightened Zach".

Keren has great frameworks and convincing examples, and I now feel like I have the tools and mindset to climb to new heights. Everyone should have a Coach Keren in their life."

Janvi Jhaveri

Founder of Jack Strategy

"In my 5 years as a business owner, working with Keren has been the best business and personal investment I have made. Her approach isn’t about simply making near-term business decisions — it’s about changing the way you think and the way you approach business, relationships, and life in general. Keren’s blend of theoretical and tactical coaching meant that I was able to test out my new skills immediately and also that - months later - I am still learning and growing.

And the best part? Keren doesn’t let her clients get away with simply going through the motions. Her style is loving but tough. She really understands people and has a deep belief that everyone can live a better, more fulfilling life. That belief is contagious and works."

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