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    Coach Keren’s Top Book & Podcast Recommendations for Personal Development, Leadership/ Business Growth and Continued Alignment

    The # 1 question you ask me (via text, DM, email, or in person) is:
    What are your TOP Book & Podcast Recommendations for Personal Development, Leadership/ Business Growth, and continued alignment?

    I love this question, and I love to be valued for my greatest passions: reading and learning.

    While the answers do change with the season (I read A LOT), here are the top of the tops right now:

    For Spiritual Growth (expect a real breakthrough if you apply these IN FULL):

    Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton

    The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

    (Brad is way more direct. For those who read Martha’s book but are still lying – try Brad’s).

    For business growth and impact:

    Good to Great by Jim Collins / Jerry Porras (it’s the best one of all his/ their books)

    If you prefer to listen – note, all the above are available on Audible. But podcasts you may enjoy checking out (aside from the COACHED podcast, of course) are:

    Freakonomics Radio and especially the Show: People I Mostly Admire, with Steve Levitt. I have listened to this episode with Yuval Noah Harari half a dozen times. LOVE IT.

    Definitely not a fan of the two-hour interview, but if you ARE – then Tim Ferriss’ podcast is IT. Special shout out to the only three episodes I have listened to ALMOST in full: Yuval Noah Harari, Jerry Seinfeld, and my husband, Hugh Jackman.

    If you like my teachings and voice and want to know which recent podcast interviews I would recommend, here are my top 3 appearances that have been downloaded tens of thousands of times:

    1. How to Find Radical Acceptance for Yourself on The Art of Being Well, with my buddy, Dr. Will Cole

    2. The Superstar Paradox: Why and How Happiness Eludes Overachievers, on HER MONEY with Jean Chatzky

    3. Need some Enthusiasm? on The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

    If that doesn’t make your week… I will keep trying. Just ask.

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