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    Keren Eldad

    Someone once asked me, at a time in my life when I was a Sales Director: What one quality above all others do you look for in a sales person? I thought about it. The best I’ve known are persistent, persuasive, strategic thinkers, energetic, able to offer compelling arguments to overcome resistance. Many, as you would expect, are really good talkers. But if I had to pick just one quality, that all of these individuals share, it would be this: The ability to listen. Listening, paired with the curiosity to really get to what the other side is looking for – is the key.

    Alas, most of us don’t really listen very well. Or if we do manage to listen, we are often just waiting until the other person finishes so that we can say what is on OUR mind. That’s not really listening. Over time, the result of this is that we seal ourselves off from other people, we don’t really know them, or really understand their concerns. Eventually, as our lives move on, we may become more and more isolated. In fact, in the current political climate, I believe it is especially important for us to learn how to listen, and what to listen for. To up your game in this critical communication skill – perhaps THE skill – I have made this short free video. Enjoy.