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Purposelessness Is the Worst Feeling with Christopher Chandler


What if your life looks perfect on the outside, but on the inside you just want MORE?

On the fifth episode of the Coached Podcast’s new season, Coach Keren is joined once again by guest host and superstar coach Christopher Chandler to answer YOUR questions on the midlife shift – and within this context, about the question of all questions: what is my life’s purpose?

Together, Chris and Keren passionately advise a caller who is feeling resentful and suffocated with her life, even though her life looks perfect on the outside and relay the very steps each of them has taken to unleash their true passion and next passion in life – and what YOU can do, too, for the magic to unfold in your life. 

In the episode, above all the case is made that suppressing your desires will take a lot more energy than it would take to live honestly and authentically, honoring your desires and honoring your purpose. If this sounds like it might be just what you need today, we hope you’ll tune in.

– Coach Keren


  • [00:02:50] Keren and Christopher revisit episode 4, and discuss the key takeaways from that last episode, touching on happiness and satisfaction. 
  • [00:06:22] Personal agency: what is it – and how do we get it?
  • [00:09:29] The hosts take the first call, from Danny, in California, who is struggling with a feeling of purposelessness. 
  • [00:10:21] Chris and Keren discuss: Why is being honest with ourselves so hard? And how does NOT being honest with ourselves result in a feeling of purposelessness?
  • [00:16:44] Keren and Chris demonstrate how to dig deeper so you can find out what is keeping you out of alignment with your purpose.
  • [00:20:04] In closing, Keren posits that you are right to be scared of asking for more, because your new life may cost you your old one. But, though it may be scary, leaning into a life of meaning and into your calling is always worth it. 


  • To change our lives into the life we are dreaming of we must first be completely honest with ourselves. This is much easier said than done. 
  • It might be easier to leave well enough alone. But if you are not living your life honestly – living your life the way YOU want to live it –  it will a lot more effort to hold up the farce than it will be to live honestly and authentically
  • In “going for it,” you will find that your new life may cost you your old one. 
  • Still: be honest, be truthful, be real, and be genuine. And ask yourself, “What makes you happy? And “what gets you excited?”


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Chris Chandler is a husband, friend, brother, uncle, nutrition and joy coach, Master SoulCycle instructor, and a Regional Vice President with Arbonne International. Chris is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He offers 1:1 coaching where he helps clients feel nourished in all aspects of their life. He also does motivational and educational speeches at conferences and seminars.


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