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    Keren Eldad

    This one is for my stressed out, overwhelmed superstars who seem to be hitting a bottleneck/ ceiling with their success. I have a question for you:

    ​What’s an investment you’ve been wanting to make, but have been putting off?

    Maybe you’ve been wanting to hire a personal assistant, so you can finally delegate the tasks that are keeping you from higher level work.

    Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to upgrade your home office space to feel more peaceful and productive.

    Or maybe you have heard, from me and most of your successful friends, that coaching is the game changer, and you’ve been wondering about whether to take the plunge.


    Whatever that investment you’ve been considering is…

    Do it.


    Right now.

    Stop waiting — for people’s approval, for it to be “the right time,” for the math to add up any differently than it did yesterday, for the moment when you finally “feel ready…”

    Because if you want to make more money, then you need to make decisions from an abundant place, with way less hesitation and delay.


    In other words, you need to make those decisions — Million Dollar Decisions — faster.

    A MILLION DOLLAR DECISION is a decision that –

    – Lines up with your highest self and highest goals




    Your true, unleashed giant self – the one lurking within, the one who hates feeling stuck, or “behind,” vibes with this level of decision, not with the realms of doubt, cutting corner, selling myself short, and analysis paralysis. That true self must line up with itself – via MILLION DOLLAR DECISIONS – to get more efficient and to be free to live an awesome life.

    Too many of us wait too long to make money moves. Instead of seeing an opportunity for growth and seizing it on sight, we hem and haw. There is no reason to do this. The best way is to understand that MILLION DOLLAR DECISION does not just mean “throw money at the problem.” It means figure out how you will earn or earn back the money, do the inner work to get back to understanding that you can be relied on for this and you can trust yourself to close this gap and not “fall into debt,” and THEN, take the plunge.


    Way back when I wanted to invest in a coach and had exactly $37 to my name, I remembered something:

      • I have always earned money. I could earn money again. Certainly the sum I paid back then, which was around $10k.
      • I have never not repaid a debt. Not when I borrowed from credit cards, not when I borrowed from a friend.


    So, I thought: the only problem is figuring out the how and how long it will take me to pay. A way tougher decision would have been walking away from a decision I KNEW would upgrade my life in every way.

    I am so glad I made the MILLION DOLLAR DECISION to make the investment I wanted to make.

    Similarly, today, when I invest in something, I can guarantee that I’ll get a return on that investment. In fact, the #1 thing I do nowadays to guarantee I earn more is INVEST IN MY BUSINESS (which is also to invest in myself). Here is how I know it will guarantee a return:

      1. Investments save money. When I hire an assistant, I save time because it frees me up to spend my time more wisely in my work. When I hire a coach and learn processes and meet excellent people who are guides, I save money and save decision time, too (success leaves clues; hire the successful!)

      2. Investments open you up to earning more. The mere statement you make when you raise yourself to that level of investment in yourself is your statement that THIS is the level at which you want to play and exist. That in itself attracts a similar level (of projects, of clientele, etc).

      3.  Investments beget ideation. Your mental state will allow you to work in a clearer space, which will allow you to reach for the next level. The ideas that come in that space grow your business and endeavor.

    In sum: making MILLION DOLLAR DECISIONS – decisions that DO NOT short change who I am, nor short change my dreams – gets you to commit to and honoring your one and only life. Invest in you. As Beyonce once famously said:

    “If there’s one thing I am willing to bet on, it’s myself.”

    We hope to see you betting on yourself this year. Here’s the consultation link, in case you’re inspired to jump on it now and get on our wait list.