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    Keren Eldad

    Big news, superstars: Coach Keren is getting married! 🥂

    Here is why this is majorly good news… for you. It’s nearly my birthday. I am 42 years old. I live with Ryan, two kittens and a dog. We are very happy. Nothing unusual about that, you’re probably thinking.

    But here’s the thing: There was no sign any of this would happen until my forties. First, the backstory. Throughout my 20s and 30s, the dating scene had proved fruitless, if fun. I had a great life in all other ways: friends, an apartment, a career, and my health. I did get married in my 30s but let’s be honest—it was the Worst. Marriage. Ever. So can it not count?

    Anyway, I really wanted to meet my match. I never stopped believing. And by my 39th birthday, I raised my expectations: soulmate, or nothing. It was cool. After all, I figured, I have cats, Netflix, and more friends than Oprah. I’m good.

    There’s a lot of societal expectation about the ages at which you’re “supposed” to experience your life changes. Meet someone at 28, get married at 30, squeeze out your babies in the three years following. I did everything at 40 (babies do include animals, people). So there you go.

    I do not feel that I “missed” anything. In fact, the positives of being in an excellent relationship later on in life are clear to me. I’ve done so much going out that I don’t mind all the quiet nights at home. I also have a more centered and clearly defined sense of self than I did in my earlier days; as a coach, I can tell you that this comes in very handy in a relationship.

    I want you to see that this is a light for you, too. My success is proof that it’s never too late to experience a massive life change, and get everything you want. No matter what: Don’t stop believing. #engaged #inspiration #lovewillfindyou

    If you are ready to step forth into the love life you deserve, contact me today.