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My Life and Business Drastically Changed as Soon as I Accepted This



Sometimes, tough things happen. Downturns, delays and just bad things – they happen. No matter who you are, or what you are, or where you are. This month, we have hit a downturn. Our business, though it started 2024 with bang (and a ka-pow, even) hit a slump. Slumps happen to all businesses at some point.

As I started to wrap my head around this, and that this was happening, I turned inward, and that’s when I remembered a profound lesson that I learned and accepted years ago. That lesson was and is:

A “downturn” is, more often than not, a sign that things are changing or need to change. Which is not a bad thing. It may be an uncomfortable thing, but it’s ultimately a good thing.

Recognizing this and learning to see a slump this way, with love and appreciation, will make you unstoppable.

This is best explained by Stanford Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman:

The reason to deliberately accept hard things is so that when non-self-elected challenges arrive (and they will), you can tell yourself: I don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but I am certain I can do hard things.”

If you, too, have hit a slump or obstacle in life, let’s get through it.

The first thing you need to know is that it’s okay to slump. I’m sharing my situation not only to say that are not alone in this, but that it’s totally normal and ok, both in life and in business. In fact, downturns happen all the time — to everyone from newbies just starting out to corporate giants who have been around for decades (I know; I’ve coached dozens of them).


And while it’s true that slumps are never fun and they can feel like they last forever (I promise they don’t), it’s important not to let your mind go down that path because it will only make things worse. Instead, take some time to reflect on what’s working well right now and what isn’t working so well — and then make some changes!

First, change your perspective (or try to):

If this resonates, first, here are 5 reframes to help us get our mindset right and rise out of this temporary tempest, pronto. These make all the difference. If we’re all in this together, why do some businesses come out of slumps stronger than ever while others crumble? The answer is simple: Those who have mastered the art of overcoming slumps are able to grow even when times are tough and get stronger (like our business!). And those who do NOT overcome slumps – they take them really hard, they buckle under the pressure – do not.


  1. Recognize that growth is always outside of your comfort zone ↳ Comfort is the biggest killer of personal growth. ↳ To truly grow, we need the discomfort. That is what the slump brings us. Growth. That’s a GOOD thing.
  2. Do not lose sight of your vision of a compelling future. Remember that your big why -ANY big why- is ultimately about making your life better. Instead of freaking out here and now due to grim catastrophizing, you and I would do very well to think big picture, think ahead one year, and in so doing realize that 90% of the doubts we are experiencing right now will not likely matter in one year. Visualize how things can still turn out really well, and if you can’t do that, find great examples of people who once hit a similar slump, and got out of it to create their dreams. It can happen for you. Things have a funny way of working out, and that vision makes all the difference.
  3. Put your head down and keep doing the work, one step at a time. Consistency beats talent, any day of the week, and if you just do the work, things will usually pick up, eventually. And when they do, you will be ready.
  4. Know that this moment makes you human and makes you stronger. Doing the hard things we all need to do to take the next leap out of this will make you more resilient. And in overcoming a hard and human moment, you will also grow your compassion for yourself and for others. This is a wonderful thing.
  5. This, too, shall pass. There is nothing serious going on around here. Life is short and finite, and very, very few things warrant or demand suffering.


Second, work to get back on your feet:

I have found that the two questions to ask during a downturn are simple, they are always the same, and they are always the clear shot out. You ready for them? Here goes:

1. Ask yourself – what is the truth I need to face here? In other words – why did this downturn happen?


Many will say “the economy,” and yeah, that is possible, but bigger factors may be at play. Factors about which you can do something. For example –

Your business model could use a tweak

Your pricing is not aligned with your market, which either means change or adjust the pricing, or grow your audience

You are not connecting with your clients. Something has lost its luster – and that is well worth a look

You have failed to save properly to buffer a moment like this. Also worth learning a lesson

2. Then, ask – what is GOOD about this downturn?

Chances are, the truth you will have found will contain within it a very useful lesson and the thing you need to address in order to get right back up.

I hope you will take the time to answer these questions and learn how to find your way up through difficulty, by seeing them as the good thing that they are. In fact, if you can see them as I do – as an indication that your business and possibly even identity are being upgraded – you will, as I said way up top, become unstoppable.

You’ve got this.


Here’s a short reminder for you:


And as for me: I already understand this to be a big wobble on the way to the next level, and as such, when the slump is over, we will be ready.

I hope this blog post has been helpful for you.

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To your unstoppable success,

Coach Keren


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