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    how to start over

    How to Start Over


    Are you ready to start over? Let’s do it! In this episode, Coach Keren is joined by Kristy Gayton, an Entrepreneur, Productivity Expert, Podcaster and like Keren – a woman who started all over.

    Starting over is a scary and exciting topic; hear how Kristy has been starting over in every aspect of her life, learn about the importance of pivoting and reinventing yourself, and glean advice on how you can do it, too. In fact, you will realize how necessary it is as you aim and strive for more.

    In This Episode:

    • [02:10] Kristy is in the midst of starting over, revealing the exciting and scary details she is navigating. 
    • [05:15] Sometimes, even a good thing in excess can become a bad thing – teaching us to pivot when we first get the calling to do so. 
    • [08:50] Kristy reveals the morning and night routines that have helped her through this transition.
    • [13:45] On your journey, be careful of who you receive advice from: Kristy also imparts some key insights into the rise. 

    Key Takeaways:

    • Success boils down to consciousness and awareness; be aware of your strengths and weaknesses on your journey. 
    • You need to be authentic in order to grow and find happiness. To be authentic is to be brave. 
    • Optimal productivity is reached by creating morning and night routines. 
    • Life is all about energy; stay in the present moment, and you will harness the energy rather than squandering it on stressful, futile future-thinking.

    Meet Kristy Gayton

    Kristy Gayton, entrepreneur, mom of three boys, author of Start Balancing, CEO and co-founder of STARTbrands, among others has devoted her life to motivating individuals towards achieving success and happiness in their own lives! Dickerson has been a sought-after keynote speaker due to her relatable story, no excuses tone, valuable advice, and upbeat personality that she interjects in all aspects of her brands. 

    She is an expert on productivity, organization and business finances who has been featured in business publications such as Forbes,, and, as well as speaking to private companies and universities such as Harvard. Her true passion is in inspiring and teaching others to create change, embrace the hard, and to be your best authentic self! You can find at


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