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    Keren Eldad

    “Change your story, Change your life.”

    In episode 7 of the COACHED podcast, we’re going to answer one major and repeating question:

    if you don’t yet have everything you want, what’s the story you’re telling yourself about the holdup?

    I think the answer lies within you – in negative patterns, or in other words – in negative stories you tell yourself. Consider whether you ever think or say the following:

    • It’s easier for others to get ahead
    • They had a head start
    • They inherited money.
    • They married rich
    • It’s hard to find a job after kids
    • It’s impossible to find well-paying paying clients
    • I’m too busy to follow my dreams
    • I already have too much on my plate as it is
    • I’m not like those who are successful

    If any of these resonates, then that is likely the pattern of thinking that’s governing your life. And, it is those crossed wires are going to keep you stuck. Why should that be? In this episode, I offer you many practical ways to get out of this.

    You can switch, pivot or quit and you can change your story anytime and under any circumstances.

    Change your story.  Change your life.  Listen now:

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    – Coach