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    Keren Eldad

    Have you ever found yourself gossiping at work, non-stop chatting, or just being standoffish, and even mean-spirited?
    Well, you should know that you are not doing yourself any favors.Creating a positive office impact is detrimental to your position, affects (according to Nielsen) at least 4 people around you, and is guaranteed to make you unhappy, and create job dissatisfaction. I ask you, why should that be?I know, I know. You didn’t mean it.For you, here are my top 3 hacks that can get you right back on track.Do your part

    Even in the largest corporations, every person in every department is there for a reason. If we all want to stay employed at a functioning company, we need to pull our weight. It’s the first step to office health and happiness.

    Go Above and Beyond, and Share resources

    When your work is done, here’s a thought: see if you can help someone else finish up. They’ll appreciate it and maybe return the favor.

    Give credit
    You want to influence people? Validate and praise them. You want to get along better than ever before? Give CREDIT where it is due. This costs you nothing, and builds rapport faster than anything else. Doing this –  and meaning it!—will create a better workplace.Finally, I have two more hacks for you:The first is that you learn how to communicate effectively. For this, I have created an entire FREE VIDEO for you, called HOW TO LISTEN. Check it out on my YouTube Channel. 
    The second? GET COACHING. It will change your team, change your mindset, and change your life. Check out Lead With Enthusiasm here.