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    Keren Eldad

    The last time I got on a flight, I got to witness a young mom be a serious badass. She hopped on with three kids in tow – the oldest looked to be about 6, and then encouraged them to get with the program and be seated like good little duckies. All she had to say was: “Come on, kids. Hocus, pocus, focus!” and into their seats they leapt. With glee, I may add.

    Now that we have lived with the Covid Crisis, ongoing travel restrictions, work from home, prolonged job searches *(for 26% of Americans), resurgences of the virus and so. much. political turmoil — I can imagine that many of you out there wish you were this mom. Many wish you could just look at your to do list, say “hocus pocus focus,” and get ‘er done. 

    Well. I can help you. We just dropped the new episode of the Coached Podcast, all about How to Stay Focused.

    Focus, or the ability to stay focused – which is to stay committed and passionate and on task – is a key element to success, according to many researchers, and according to superstars like Warren Buffet.

    Now, this is often a challenge for people, but in the era of working of home or of ongoing strife – such as a job search, in times of a pandemic – it may be even more challenging.

    To help keep every day fulfilling, even during this time of uncertainty I answer callers’ questions and give you some critical tips to staying focused and motivated.

    I invite you to tune in to learn:

    – What the keys are to staying focused on the positive, even when things look like they have gone off course, or are not going so well
    – How does an overachiever who DOES stick to making to-do lists and does everything “right” maintain focus – when things take a really long time to materialize or efforts seem to be taking a very long time to bear fruit?
    – Four ULTIMATE focus tips– offered by one of my highest achieving clients of all time, Brian (you’re gonna love this).

    This is no productivity session – this is a podcast episode that will change the way you FEEL about focus so that you can reach totally new realms of performance – and yes, make it to the other side of this period.

    Listen to the episode HERE. 

    Wishing you all good listening, and good mental health.

    – Coach Keren