Coach Keren

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    Keren Eldad


    Morning friends! Today’s coach tip is a reminder to stop and THINK: are you here to serve?

    Here’s my take on why you should take the time to think about this, if you are in any position of management or of leadership – because To Manage People, you must first learn to Manage Yourself. And the key to managing yourself is to add more value – with OTHERS in mind.

    The road to increasing your own value is to ask the question – what does my audience – whoever is receiving my message – want, and how am I answering it?

    Here is the bottom line: when the job is done – your aim is to ask yourself – did I really bring my best to the table, and did I serve people not just what they were after, but also genuine connection? If you do – you will have had influence, and you will have added value. But you know what else? You’ll feel alive, because you were of service. And you wanna hear something awesome? That is what you are really after. The clarity, the ease, the contentment, the satisfaction of having been your best. Not the validation or the accolades – the FEELING of knowing that you have come to serve. It’s everything.