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For entrepreneurs, the game changer is identifying your zone of genius

“Success without fulfillment is ultimate failure.” – Tony Robbins


Picture this: it’s 2012 and I am heading into work at a prestigious luxury company. I am heading up a department, and get to step into my cubicle fairly well-dressed, among people whom I like, and then attend to semi-creative projects amidst an inordinate amount of submissive, political admin madness.


I was working 14-15 hours a day. Under fluorescent lights. Commuting one hour a day, each way. And liking my job just enough to THINK it was a “dream career.”


Except that it wasn’t. Back then, I could not put my finger on why. I like the luxury world, to this day, as well as various facets of marketing, perhaps especially all the writing involved. These, however, were all buried under a pile of stuff I did pretty well but which did NOT light me up, and they consumed so much of my time, that the stuff that did light me up was negligible.


No wonder I burned out. The five-year process that followed of learning how to listen for my purpose and nurture and cultivate my zone of genius led directly to the founding of With Enthusiasm Coaching, and I am proud to say it is a process I have codified and now deliver to my clients.


Clients like Joseph Heller – whose process has led him to share a great outcome for him in coaching:



As he says: “We all know business is extremely hard, but… if you can align your business and your career around your goals (and purpose), it’s a game changer.”


Here’s the amazing thing: everyone has a purpose, and everyone has a zone of genius. And at best, 20% of us are aware of these and maximizing them.


Discovering your purpose and your zone of genius is about reclaiming your innate talents and having the audacity to honor ONLY what you prefer to create the life and impact you deserve and are meant to have in the world.



Client Melody Jones echoes the sentiment, citing clarity and confidence around her gifts and directly aligning these into a business plan was her #1 takeaway from business coaching:

You will feel so inspired, you may reach for your superhero cape! And when you do, know this:

I want you to experience such clarity, confidence, joy and explosive results, too. Sign up for a consultation today and let’s get you started on the straight path to unlocking your purpose, and harnessing it to your strengths, so you can make the rest of your career the best of your career.


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