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    For business owners, more money isn’t ALWAYS a good thing

    I’ve got a curve ball for you:

    If you are a business owner, scaling and growth are a necessity and a sign of great momentum – but often, more money isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    Are you feeling this? If you are a business owner in the 6 figures, that is for sure resonating. First, because the “scorecard” effect can render the commitment to growth not only unsustainable, but sometimes make it feel as oppressive as diet culture. But in addition to the mindset factors, it can just be harder, period, when we hit those higher levels of revenue – especially if we are unprepared, and if we do not know what to do next to scale SUSTAINABLY. That is, to scale with enthusiasm.

    What’s missing are your “shock absorbers,” or real systems, processes, and for my acronym-lovers out there: SOPs.

    If we don’t have the systems in place to manage the influx of higher revenue (aka we’re not putting loving attention on what we already have) more money won’t help us. In fact, it could make things worse. FAST.Here’s an analogy that really helped this land for me. I got it from an episode of 2 and a Half Men, which is a sitcom I used to LOVE:Let’s pretend you have a bucket and you want to gather some water. BUT: your bucket has holes in it. The less water you pour in, the harder it is to notice the holes, or for the holes to let all the water out at any pace that isn’t slow. The MORE water you pour in, the faster you will see leaks. And the more pressure the water offers, the more the holes will likely expand, causing flooding – and not the good kind.

    A person without financial systems and a routine of financial self-care in place is like a leaky bucket. No matter how much financial flow comes in, it’s met without a strong container to hold it.

    Be honest with yourself: Are you running a business that is air-tight?

    If you’ve ever wondered why you’re exhausted, tired and feeling burned out, maybe you don’t need more revenue – maybe instead, what you need is a proper evaluation of your foundation.

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, after 5 years in a business that was only growing. I had to turn it around, and once I did – I identified what the clear blindspots had been, which helped me propel the company further, but also – regain the enthusiasm!

    From your relationship to money to your own self-care, to your mission, passion and purpose-alignment in this business, to the tactical systems that must be in place and the business organization that is fundamental for sustainable, profitable growth – taking the time to sort through these blindspots and cover those “holes” is how money can come to you in more abundance with greater peace… and actually stick around.​​It’s time to fix what’s broken so you can have the kind of life you want. One that has a strong foundation of security with freedom to take adventures, invest in what matters to you, and surround yourself with beautiful things, too.

    Making more money alone will not solve all your money problems. Loving your business and nurturing growth will.

    And I’m so excited to help you get started, or to keep going with you on this path. Have a great view, and when you’re ready to talk about coaching, schedule a breakthrough consultation with us and let us pay our focused attention to YOUR business and career growth.

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