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    Keren Eldad


    This month, I am beaming with pride at seeing Shai Tertner – my great friend – on the cover of the November issue of Sidelines Magazine. Shai is a talented and driven person who has shown, in our time together, a lot more courage than that which it takes to wear these pants:

    See, Shai wasn’t born an equestrian champion. In fact, he grew up in Israel, where your best shot of even seeing a horse is driving by the one kibbutz that houses them. When Shai discovered his life’s passion – he was in his 40s, and already leading a brilliantly successful global events company (SHIRAZ EVENTS).

    It just so happened that after taking up what started just as a hobby, he realized two things: 1) he was GOOD at it, and 2) he loved it more than anything.

    For those who are coached, that would be enough to drop everything and go for it. But for most people – leaving a successful enterprise for a dream is a bit nutty. So for a long time, Shai just enjoyed riding as a hobby. This could not be a real thing, he thought – let alone a profitable thing.

    Luckily, Shai’s hobby was stronger than him, and took on a life of its own. Today, he is a professional rider, sponsored by big brands, and going to lead Israel with the first ever Olympic Equestrian team.

    Isn’t that just the most inspiring thing you ever heard?

    How many of us have questioned our passions and not gone for them? How many of us have not dedicated time, nor mere thought to seeing where they lead us?

    If you – like so many others, have been sitting on a dream for years, let this be the moment you decide to go for it. Or even just check it out. Coaching programs like mine are literally designed to get you there. Shai’s story is the one that sent me into my own exploration, and I very much hope he begins even ONE of yours out there.

    I wonder: do you have a dream? If so, what has been stopping you from realizing it? Please share your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!