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Keren, what do I do after coaching? And how can I stay in practice with you?

HERE IS MY ANSWER. Introducing:

The Coaching Circle

The Coaching Circle is the CHURCH OF COACH:

This is a year-long membership in a community that is dedicated to cementing the Spiritual Gym as your routine so you can continue to stay solidly rooted in your mindset, continue to breakthrough, be who you were made to be, walk confidently into the life the universe has prepared for you.

I invite you to join me here and welcome you all back to the Coaching Circle!

The Coaching Circle

The Coaching Circle is the CHURCH OF COACH:

This is a year-long membership in a community that is dedicated to cementing the Spiritual Gym as your routine so you can continue to stay solidly rooted in your mindset, continue to breakthrough, be who you were made to be, walk confidently into the life the universe has prepared for you.

I invite you to join me here and welcome you all back to the Coaching Circle!

How Do I Know If
Coaching Circle Is Right For Me?

The Coaching Circle takes you to the next level in your relationships, business, health or life. 

Most successful people have a coach for longer than our initial sojourn (which was awesome! I miss you, too!). I am one such person, and chances are: you are, too. That's because they / me/ you - we ALL understand that personal growth impacts every area of their lives and is not a diploma – it is a living, breathing thing. When you work with me on a continuous basis, you can get back to inspiration every two weeks, you continue to have support and accountability from me and now, from your CLUB, and come every other week to turn fear into faith, ideas into income, and dreams into destiny. 

As you already found in coaching part 1: the right mindset will open doors that were previously closed to you. 

With the Coaching Circle, you will gain clarity and confidence to set new goals. You will have healthier relationships. You will be excited about advancing into the promises held in “vibrational escrow” because you will begin to watch them unfold in front of your eyes! Plus – we will honor the seasons: the Coaching Circle is a yearly membership. There is a summer – a season of clarity, a fall – a season of visibility, a winter – a season for culmination and inner reflection, and a spring – a new fertile void, which will help us SPRING into the next year. 

I have prepared 21 sessions for you. 

Twenty-one 2-hour sessions that will serve both as an hour of light (your sermons for inspiration and support) and an hour of questions and discussion. These hours of light will be followed by loving modules and recommendations – from reading to viewing and listening recos. Occasionally, we will welcome guest speakers for discussions – such as on topics like money and love.   

No matter what you need to work on; relationships, spiritual connection, goals, career, mindset, or something else … I will always hold that coaching is the best investment in yourself. Coaching will be that accountability you need to challenge you and point out things you can't see so you leave empowered and encouraged.

If you are committed to going after the life you started to deliberately create in Coaching, then the Coaching Circle is just what you need, and I would love to see you again. 


What If I am in ADVANCED COACHING or interested
in one of the Group Advanced Coaching Programs?

Advanced group coaching programs are SEMIPRIVATE and FULL ON. This is not a coaching program in the style that you are used to (intense, focused towards a goal, homework/ assignment heavy). This is more like your new spiritual center. Come as you are, take what you need.

How much is the membership?


The value of this program is upwards of $24,000. Having said this, the momentum and results you can experience are as you know priceless.

What Do I Get for $3,600?

So much…

Come also for ongoing:

When Do We Start?

July 2022. And we run for a whole year!

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I get it: moving from one-on-one coaching to a group coaching environment — where Coach is serving a larger community — might be a concern for someone who values personal attention. But you know me! I LOVE giving personal attention! Our community will be a safe space, where members have the advantage of learning from other like-minded people going through similar experiences, AND you will still get the benefit of a “Coach Bestie.” My aim is that you always feel heard, special, and appreciated.

Because to me, you are the whole world.

Is Coaching Circle Open to Anyone
Who Has Not Worked With Coach Keren Yet?

The club is principally for you seasoned superstars, but I always love welcoming a spouse of business partner. So : Come one and all. This is about LIGHT and SPIRITUAL GROWTH. All will enjoy this, at any level.

So, if you have...





Join the Coaching Circle today.

For those who don't know...

My Approach

As you know, I am about the heart and soul, not about the impact and output. This means that I coach people in relational, emotional, and spiritual transformation. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a Master Coach (CMCLC). I'm also a Behaviors Analyst (DISC/ MOTIVATORS), and even a certified love attraction coach (CLAC). Honestly? I just care about finding the right method to help you find the FREEDOM you desire and I will find any method that aligns and clicks for YOU.

What makes my coaching style different from others is exactly this – it is the synthesized, unique model of coaching I've developed for superstars. I've trademarked it as With Enthusiasm Coaching.

You know it already. It’s intense but loving. And it is methodical, meticulous and above all devoted to serving you a world class and comprehensive experience.

It's my honor to continue to walk alongside you during this journey and to welcome you into our club.

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Coach Keren's Success Stories

My work with Coach Keren has been the most profound work I have done personally and professionally in my life…

If you have a chance to work with Keren, don’t hesitate."

When Amanda joined Private Coaching, she was burned out on her career, did not really know what she wanted to do, and she was ending her marriage. Over our time together, we reset her mindset and got her ready to re-launch. She has since streamlined her offerings to be congruent with her vision, broadened and focused her client base and raised her prices. She also met the love of her life. That’s a return that is, in her words: “immeasurable.”


"Keren is incredible at helping you demystify the fog, helping you clarify your thoughts, helping you find your purpose, helping you find your energy and helping you connect with what it is that actually drives you."

Having worked with me on and off for four years now, HoomanYazhari, a seasoned CEO, founder and board member, has hired me as coach to his billion-dollar teams, but also as coach and sounding board for his own epic success.


"This was a life-changing experience for me. I got much more than I thought I would be getting. Not only did I gain clarity about what type of job I was supposed to get next or what type of step I am supposed to take in my career…

I got so much more. I learned who I am and what I want. I’ve now started my own business, and it feels like a great fit. Finally"

By the time Julia signed up for Private Coaching, she had reached a pivot point. She had already arrived at a place where she had gotten everything she wanted – the top-level job at a major fashion house, she had the lifestyle and the relationship – but she was not happy and not fulfilled. So when all that collapsed, she hired me. It clicked. Julia, who had not only struggled with a lack of clarity but had also struggled with imposter syndrome, she gained confidence and a mindset that was crystal clear about where she was going next. As a result, she has created a new fashion company that is sustainable, transformational, profitable and scalable.


“If you’re thinking about this but worrying about not having the time or the money: I don’t think you don’t have the time, and I definitely think you can afford it because it’s such a small investment in the overall scope of your entire life and to change the trajectory of your life…

And frankly, what your earning power can be just by virtue of finding out what you find out doing this work, and all the doors this opens.”

When Tracy first began working with me, she was emerging from her first ten years of being an entrepreneur, having already built a very successful company (Hatch Beauty), established her family, and conquered what many might consider the summit. From the outside, everyone thought her life looked amazing. But on the inside, she was struggling to find real joy and happiness. We worked together on recalibration. Instead of working externally (towards goals), we used my defined method to work internally to “untangle the knots.” That shift produced the biggest pivot in Tracy’s life and career to date. She has since launched a new thought leadership platformed, streamlined her offerings to be congruent with her vision for her next level. By her own account, she also got what she came for, waking up eager and tackling the days with more enthusiasm than ever before and less stress than ever before.