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    Keren Eldad


    Finding your soulmate is NOT rocket science, and should not be an ongoing nightmare. In fact, I believe it can go as fast as 7 weeks – as I once told Bravo’s Personal Space. And I am not just preaching random advice about relationships – I have lived it, I have found my love – and today, I am hoping to help others dealing with similar issues.

    No matter what, there are seven basic takeways you can expect from DWE:

    1. What soulmate love is, and what is not.

    2. The universal principles at work in soulmate love, and how to embody them.

    3. The three most common blocks to soulmate love.

    4. How to get rid of those blocks – for good, and create space for soulmate love.

    5. How to deal with other common delays and setbacks on the journey to soulmate love.

    6. How to vibrate at soulmate level and manifest soulmate love. This is where the magic is.

    7. How to maintain soulmate love.

    In order to introduce you to these concepts, I have created this free webinar. I hope you will take the time to watch it – because no matter how long you have been telling yourself that love will just work out – I know that you DESERVE love, and that you can have it NOW. See, you are the only you there is. A one-time occurrence. The only one with your special blend of talents and your special experiences. The only one who feels you, who is you, who gets to be you. And in addition to this, you only get one lifetime here on earth as you. So, why not live to the fullness of your potential?

    Check out the webinar here: