An Open Letter to Clients Who Haven’t Hired me Yet.

Since you started reading today’s subject line maybe three seconds ago, humans on the internet have created, produced, stored and made available more content, more data, more bits and bytes and even more Qbits than we have since the very beginning of recorded time.


In fact – there has been more information uploaded in the last 20 seconds (you’re still reading, right?) than in 200,000 years.


But, from finance to football, the real deal – what YOU NEED – sadly, does not depend on the accumulation of information.


What you need – to change in this life, to make anything of the information – is to know what to look for that is relevant for YOU, and to know how to use it.


But how?


By focusing not only on knowledge, but on learning and integration. In order to do this, what you need in your midst are not only knowledgeable teachers – but WISE teachers.


Wisdom is defined as: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment;”


So: experience + knowledge + good judgment.


In a delightful new book called “Knowing what we Know,” Simon Winchester says, “Information scientists speak of a ‘DIKW pyramid’: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom. We now have a superfluity of D and I, but that makes K hard to discern and W ever harder to attain.”


I think he’s right. Before I myself hired a coach, I got so much darn D(ata) and I(nformation) that I kept getting swept up in K(nowledge) “typhoons” that ultimately just led me down the wrong rabbit hole. I even somehow ended up reading a Jordan Peterson book (shudder). These things happen when you are not working with someone who can provide real guidance, who knows the work and who demonstrates the results (knowledge)/ judgement and wisdom you seek. They, on the other side, see more clearly – and will provide not only a concise path, but a faster one.


Most brands today have a Chief Information Officer. What they don’t have is a Chief-Make-Sense-of-Information-Officer.


Someone who helps them define, differentiate and demonstrate. So they can know what to focus on, when (in what sequence) and how best to get there. Perhaps what is needed is a coach. And, dropping the analogy – that is what is on offer for your life, business and career at With Enthusiasm Coaching.


My message to you is: if you have been reading “all the books” (so much Brene Brown!), going to all the YPO meetings, hugging your inner child at Hoffman and STILL feel like you are not “there,” consider coaching.


Especially if you are at a pivot point and uncertain or unclear about what’s next.


Data isn’t enough.Information isn’t enough.Knowledge and wisdom–differentiated dimensions are needed.


That’s how you get from “here” to “there.”


Like my client, Zach. He says:

Does this resonate?


If so:

We are opening a couple of private coaching spots in August. They will go before August. If you are ready to talk to me about working one on one – with my wisdom and knowledge 100% focused on YOUR success, book a consultation right now.


These will go fast. I hope this email has served you, and look forward to seeing you in coaching.


– Coach Keren



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