How My Mom Beat Stage 4 Melanoma

How My Mom Beat Stage 4 Melanoma: Proof That You Can Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To

Each of us has faced significant challenges, be it cancer treatment, divorce, loss, or a difficult childhood. While these experiences are undoubtedly tough, they also present us with a unique gift—the opportunity to truly live. By choosing to live fully, you not only facilitate your own healing and survival but also become uniquely equipped to help others in similar situations.


You’ve walked in their shoes; you understand their pain, discouragement, and mental battles. Your experience allows you to offer support in ways others cannot


That’s exactly what my mom did.


Five years ago, she received a dire diagnosis: Stage 4 Melanoma, which had spread to most of her vital organs. Despite the prognosis, my mom remained faithful, determined to follow her treatment plan, and committed to maintaining a positive outlook, believing in her chance to heal.


Today, she is alive, thriving, and cancer-free. In fact: here she is today!


Celebrating my mama, the SUPERSTAR, this week.


I hope my mom’s story inspires you, whether or not you are currently facing a challenge. Heal. Go the distance. Believe in yourself. Become the healer of your own life and inspire others to do the same. Help yourself out of your own way, and once you do, reach out to others; your example and encouragement carry immense weight when you speak from experience.


For a boost in your determination and words of inspiration from my mom herself, listen to this episode of the Coached podcast: How to Get Out of Your Own Way.


I hope this brings you a great dose of light today..



Coach Keren


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