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    A Thanksgiving Post for All the Single People Out There

    As you head home for the holidays this week… a lot of you will be asked the question we all despise when we’re single by literally half your relatives. Come on, say it with me: “SO, ARE YOU SEEING ANYONE?” and of course, the advanced version: â€œSO, when are you getting married?” I heard this one on and off for about two decades. I feel you. There has always been a huge amount of pressure, especially on women, to get married… and to marry someone successful (“marry rich:” the advice of well-meaning raving lunatics who want the best for you and know not what they do). The first time I got married was a ginormous mistake and a DIRECT reaction to that sort of pressure – so take it from me, you must develop a thick skin here, smile and politely walk away from such questions. Once I learned how to do this, sure, I still got looks from people who felt sorry for me (“aw, you’ll meet someone!”) but I did not care. I started to notice how rare it was that anyone ever encouraged me to stand on my own two feet and to have dreams for myself. I saw in MYSELF the limited options my mother and grandmothers had and it fueled my fire to be the CEO of my own life instead of searching for a husband.
    Eventually, I did meet Ryan – and he is best hubby EVER – but it was after I launched my coaching global brand and became the CEO of this company and of my life. 👊
    I want you to empower everyone around you to know themselves and love themselves and live their dreams. I LOVE LOVE and believe with all my heart that we serve our soul when we merge with our soulmate (see: DATE WITH ENTHSUSIASM). But you gotta know and love you first. And that is way more important than when you get married. Love, Coach Keren #inspiration #love #loveyourself #relationshipstatus #thanksgiving

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