A Short and Sweet Blog to Level Up Your Networking Game

Hilarious, right?

I wanted to start off today’s short and sweet email with something funny, because to most people, networking is NOT funny; rather, it’s stress-inducing.

If this is you, here are 3 things to listen to, read and apply today to turn “networking” into a positively-charged, high vibe verb, and to change YOUR luck in life and business.

  • Read this book: “Dont Be a Stranger,” by Larry Perkins. Like you, I have read many business books and many networking books, and this one is IT. It turns that networking connotation upside down and gives you actionable tools you can use TODAY to shake up the second half of your year, build your pipeline or just … have more fun. I hope you will check it out.
  • Last but not least – put yourself out there! Armed with your awesome new “Inigo Montoya” formula, why not sign up for a conference where the relevant people you know you need to surround yourself with ARE? To that end, let me invite you again to register for our upcoming Business Reset Retreat in Todos Santos, Mexico. You will network with a dozen like-minded superstars and immerse yourself in the materials that will not only “reset” your business, but your heart and mind.

Looking forward to seeing you at any and all occasions, and until then – I hope this email inspires you to go network with enthusiasm!

– Coach Keren

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