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What It REALLY Takes to Build / Scale a 7-Figure Business

Hi Superstar,


There’s a new book that just came out called “One Day I’ll Work for Myself, The Dream and Delusion That Conquered America“- by Benjamin Waterhouse. Is the title already scaring/exciting you? It sure did the trick with me. I’ve been around side hustlers in each year of this business, and see many, many coaches preying on the massive trend. Knowing intimately what it really takes to succeed in building your own business, I see the snake oil approach as deeply manipulative, and according to this book, my own experience being a founder and coaching hundreds of founders, and the stats, I am right.


Waterhouse’s book offers excellent framing for both the founder culture of today, as well as the mass deception in its wake, showing it as a direct consequence of America’s economic failures—bad jobs, stagnant wages, and inequality—since the 1970s. With original research, Waterhouse traces a new narrative of business, and it’s both great and grim.


I truly enjoyed it, and agree that the truth about entrepreneurship is that no matter who you are – it could go either way, and that even success is harder than you think, and in no way nearly as adorable or as carefully staged as some entrepreneurs (who I am guessing are not running very profitable or serious businesses) make it look. It definitely takes a toll…



Nonetheless, I also know, firsthand, that there are a few “secrets” that can massively improve your chances of entrepreneurship going in the direction of success, rather than in the direction of 50% of all American business, who according to the BLS never make more than $25,000 a year. And, I can tell you with all my heart that when you do succeed, the benefits are so immense, you cannot imagine ever living any other way.


As this year, we are celebrating our 7-year anniversary in business, I am touring the world with a talk that reveals these things I have learned. They are counterintuitive, for the most part, but once you embrace them, they make so much sense.


I hope this message resonated with you. If you are ready to talk about shattering through all the limitations and going all in, get on my calendar. I’d love to chat.


To your success,

Coach Keren


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