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    Here comes a long weekend, and with it, a very special edition of the “5 things” newsletter to enhance and add to whatever you are listening to, reading, watching and even thinking about this week and in the weeks to come.


    1. Are you about to kick off the long weekend with extraordinary eagerness because you have been feeling burned out? You are not alone. Burn out is perhaps THE most prominent of modern afflictions. First, please take the long weekend seriously and shut off the devices. ON YOUR WAY there, here is an excellent read (with a player, in case you prefer to listen):

      I have found that rather than tackling burn out, which implies work, it is better to reflect on it and rest. As you rest with the information and understanding that the hustle will never serve you, you will relax. And, as you relax, you will recover.

    2. Read (re read) The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer (I know, I’ve mentioned it before). I’ve been re-reading many classics lately, namely Ekhart Tolle’s A New Earth and Byron Katie’s Loving What Is. If it’s something new you’d love, I only have one to recommend right now, but it won’t be available until October. It’s We’re Speaking, by Hitha Palepu. Still…worth it.

      Pre order Hitha’s book here:

    3. I love many things, among them political commentary and stand-up comedy. If you happen to enjoy these too, you may really enjoy comedian Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix Special, Homecoming King. He shares personal stories about racism, immigrant parents, prom and finding old flames on Facebook that are hilarious, vulnerable and poignant. He made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me think. Recommended with enthusiasm.

    4. If you saved this for Memorial Day weekend and you’ve been thinking: “I need more than a reading/ listening/ watch list. I need a shake up!” then this one is for you.

      Join Tracy Holland and other Powerhouse Guests for a virtual summit, “IGNITE the POWERHOUSE WITHIN,” that will shake you up and help you take charge of your life.

      It’s a 2-day at-home VIRTUAL summit for unstoppable women ON THE RISE taking place on June 23rd & June 24th
      …just check out the speakers.


      Interesting in joining?

      If you are, get your tickets here:

      Tracy is on the Coached Podcast this week talking about loneliness at the top and what you can do about it. Listen here:

    5. Finally, a long weekend harkening the beginning of a new season is always a great inflection point. These moments are a good time to ruminate upon the words of Diana Ross: “Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you?”

      If you don’t quite like the things that life is showing you, and a new level beckons, you are not alone. Everybody talks about making a real mark on the world and reaching LASTING change, but very few people get an opportunity to learn how to actually do it.

      If you’re tired of grinding away at your 9-5 only to feel financially stuck (and not able to really enjoy the long weekend ahead)…If you keep feeling unappreciated and STILL have those same team management and time management woes…If you’re ready to unleash your creativity but still feeling unclear, insecure or even feeling held back…

      Consider coaching.

      To see and hear for yourself what the process brings, and how it will benefit you, watch this 1-minute video, made by my clients.

      When you’re ready, book a FREE Strategy Session with me here. I guarantee it will be a great way for you to kick off summer.


    No “5 things” email can end without a moment of PRAISE and GRATITUDE (which I highly recommend you offer once a week, or even once a day, to the people in your life, too!). This week, congratulations to my beloved friend and amazing client, Dr. Nicole Hurd, who has been announced as the 18th president of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.


    After 15 years helming her own social enterprise, College Advising Corps,  this brightest of new chapters unfolds, with hope, dreams and deep gratitude. I can only imagine what the next period holds for all entities involved, but I have no doubt it is nothing but expansion and good. Like Nicole at this moment, none of us can see what the future once held for us. But just like that: here it is. These mightiest of moments do not happen suddenly. They are born of your desire to grow and to become what you are destined to become, which will never cease to delight and amaze you.


    It is an honor to get to witness these shifts and towering accomplishments with you all. As for you, Nicole: there is more love, appreciation and pride here for you than words can ever describe. May your path be filled with light.


    Have a great long weekend. 

    Coach Keren